Beat 26-Week Lead Times With In-House Machining & Fab

Limitorque SMB 4T and 5T actuators incorporate a captured yoke bushing in the valve assembly to accept the high thrust loads of the application. We specialize in manufacturing the complete assembly, including all finished machining for internal ACME threads and external splines. Since we fabricate these assemblies in-house, we can deliver complete yoke assemblies in days compared to current 26-week lead times of valve manufacturers.

Our In-House Machining Process

Sample Yoke Bushing

Georgia Western uses a sample yoke bushing appropriately sized to the existing valve stem 

Blank Yoke Assembly Prior to Machining

Here is the “blank” yoke assembly, prior to machining

Completed Yoke Assembly With Visible External Splines

Take a look at the finished product

Complete Yoke Assembly with Internal Threading

Complete with precision internal threading

Durable Construction for the Toughest Applications

According to Flowserve, the SMB series actuators were the first actuators to be tested and approved for nuclear reactor containment, and also have proven reliability in fields such as oil and gas, hydroelectric, steelworks, pulp and paper, and wastewater management. 

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We have complete in-house machining and welding capabilities, including the design and manufacturing of custom transition, adapter plates,  bore and key services. We manufacture valve stems and additional components as required by our clients. Call us at (800) 536-6070 to talk about your machining and fabrication needs, or contact us anytime.